PageProof partnered with Zapier to send proof events to your other business tools, creating a more seamless experience for your team. You can read more here about the proof notifications that can be sent to apps such as Trello, Asana, Google Sheets/Docs and more.

Using a proof reference with Zapier

We are using the popular project management tool in this help article as an example of how to use the reference field and Zapier to send to proof notifications from PageProof.

Step 1: Turn on the optional reference field.

If you are the team administrator, in the main menu select team then settings. Turn on the reference field option.

Step 2: Turn on the Zapier integration.

Turn on the Zapier integration then click manage zaps.

zapier integration for PageProof and

Search for then click connect and log in to your Zapier account

Note: your team administrator must have an account set up on Zapier. Setting up an account in is free.

Step 3: Create a zap

In your Zapier dashboard, type in the name of the tool you want to connect with ( Select the trigger and the corresponding action you want to achieve.

Connect the PageProof and apps together in Zapier

Step 4: Construct your zap.

On the setup page, check that the details are correct and click continue.

Under Choose App & Event, set up the following:

  • Select your Board ID

  • Under pulse ID, select the custom tab, and then choose Proof Reference.

Customize the update event
  • For the body, choose Proof Title and include the message to reviewers and the proof URL

Step 5: Try out your integration

Open the pulse and copy the reference of that pulse found in the URL.
(see the highlighted text below in the screenshot)

In PageProof, paste the unique pulse ID in the reference field. When the new proof is sent out, you’ll see the new proof showing on your pulse.

If you need any advice or assistance, reach out to us in-app using the chat on your dashboard.

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