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When should you use briefing?
When should you use briefing?

Teams, Teams Plus, and Enterprise plans are able to access briefing. So, when should you use briefing? How does briefing work?

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Briefing is a module that can be added to your Teams (an additional monthly fee) or Enterprise (included free) plan.

So what is briefing and when should you and your team use it?

Briefing lets you take an existing file, mark it up with to-dos and send it to a colleague, designer or your agency for action. 

When the recipient receives the brief, they mark each to-do as done, and then upload the first proof on top of the brief.  Proofing continues from that point onwards until the final proof version is approved.

Some example scenarios for when you’d use briefing

  • You have a press ad from last month that you need some changes made to

  • A supplier has sent you a brochure by email that features your product – you need the product description changed and you have a replacement image for them to use as well.

  • Your 2017 parts catalogue needs a section removed and a new section added in, along with a comprehensive product sku listing.

  • Your brand has had a refresh – you have a sales sheet that needs updating with the new logo and look.

You can also use briefing to upload a Word document or pdf of a written creative brief – very handy when templates are used to collect creative requirements.

See this article on how to create a new brief.

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