Getting started with PageProof

To send out work for review and approval, you can begin with a 10-day trial if you like. Training is offered on all plans. It’s easy to get started!

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Reviewing a proof

Use the red pen to add comments to all types of work – artwork, imagery, documents, presentations, audio, video, websites and HTML proofs.

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Creating proofs

Create single or multiple proofs. Create static, video, audio, or HTML web banner, email or website proofs. Also create proofs of prototype designs.

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Managing proofs

Change the proof’s download setting, checklist settings, quickly upload a new version, unlock, archive and reopen. Also access the audit from the manage pane.

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Comparing proofs

Compare versions of proofs, or two different proofs. Use smart compare too.

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How to create, organize, and manage your proof collections. Collections are used to group proofs together: by client, by’s up to you.

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Learn how to create and use workflows to easily route your proof through groups of reviewers, each proofing in turn.

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Your dashboard will display all the proofs you need to review, and manage.

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For Teams, Teams Plus, and Enterprise plans, the PageProof briefing module is available.

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Team administrator

As a team administrator, you have control of all the activity under your domain, branding, team dashboard, user management, and settings to control features.

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You can integrate many business tools with PageProof. Adobe Creative Cloud, Canva, ClickUp,, Asana, Slack, Microsoft teams...just to name a few.

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Managing your account

Teams vs Teams Plus vs Enterprise. Which account type is best for you, how to change your plan, and how to see your billing history or update your credit card.

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Is something not going quite right for you? These articles may help troubleshoot. Our team is available to assist in-app via the chat on the dashboard too.

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