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Creating a proof from Adobe Premiere Pro

Download our Adobe CC add-on and you can send video proofs directly from Premiere Pro, and bring comments back into the project timeline.

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As a videographer, it is quick and easy to create proofs directly from within Adobe Premiere Pro and send them out to a PageProof workflow. Then, when a to-do list has been returned, bring the comments back into Premiere Pro with the corresponding pins positioned along your project timeline.

To create a proof from Adobe Premiere Pro

Step 1

Head here to download the add-on.

Step 2

Follow the installation instructions and then go to Window -> Extensions -> PageProof to open the add-on. Log into PageProof.

Step 3

With your Premiere Pro project open, click on the create new proof icon.

Create a new proof in Premiere Pro using the PageProof panel
Create new proof icon in Premiere Pro

Step 4

The proof name will autofill. You can choose to create the proof from the entire sequence range, or in and out.

Create proof screen in Adobe Premiere Pro using the PageProof add-on

Step 5

Click OK to create the proof, then complete details in the proof setup screen – add a workflow, owners, checklists, integration references, and adjust proof settings.
Read on further with this article on how to bring back comments from the proof into Premiere Pro along the project timeline.

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