As a videographer, it is quick and easy to create proofs directly from within Adobe Premiere Pro and send them out to a PageProof workflow. Then, when a to-do list has been returned, bring the comments back into Premiere Pro with the corresponding pins positioned along your project timeline.

To create a proof from Premiere Pro

Step 1

Head here to download the add-on.

Step 2

Follow the installation instructions and then go to Window -> Extensions -> PageProof to open the add-on. Log into PageProof.

Step 3

With your Premiere Pro project open, click on the create new proof icon.

Create a new proof in Premiere Pro using the PageProof panel
Create new proof icon in Premiere Pro

Step 4

Complete proof set up details such as:

  • Proof name (this will default to your project name)

  • Tags (add additional tags such as a job number, project name, client name etc)

  • Reference (use this field if you connect your proof to an external project manager). See this article for more detail on the proof reference.

  • Set the proof due date and enter an optional message to reviewers

  • Set the Sequence Range to either Entire, or In To Out.

Select one of three options to send your proof:

  • Workflow (select a workflow template), or

  • Approver (send the proof to a single approver only), or

  • Assign owner (send the proof to another owner for them to complete the set up of the proof and send it out. For example, send it to an account manager).

The create proof setup screen in Premiere Pro

Step 5

Click OK to send the proof.

Read on further with this article on how to bring back comments from the proof into Premiere Pro along the project timeline.

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