The PageProof add-on is fully compatible with Adobe CC 2019 and higher.

Install from Adobe

Step 1
Head here to install the add-on.
Note: You must have file syncing turned on in your Creative Cloud desktop app.

Step 2
In your Adobe CC tool, navigate to the Window Menu > Extensions > PageProof 

Step 3
Login using your PageProof account and now you are ready to create new proofs and versions directly from within your Adobe creative tools.

Note: If the add-on doesn't install from Adobe (this is a known issue which Adobe are working on), scroll down to see how to manually install the add-on below.

Manual installation

In some situations, the Adobe add-on website may not install the add-on. You can manually install the add-on following the instructions below:

Step 1

Quit your Adobe CC apps.

Step 2

Download Extension Manager from

Step 3

Unzip and run the Extension Manager (let it move to Applications if asked). Then select InDesign CC from the left sidebar.

*If you are running on Catalina, you'll have to right-click the extension manager then open.

Step 4

Get the latest file here and unzip it.

  • If you are using Adobe CC 2017/2018 and are unable to update to 2019 or 2020, download the previous add-on v1.7.9 here.
  • If you are using Adobe InDesign CC 2019 and are unable to update to 2020, use v1.8.1 here

Note: Versions prior to v1.9.2 do not have text highlighting & freehand drawing pen support.

Step 5

Drag/drop the zxp file (not the zip file) into the right side of Extension Manager. It will install for all supported Adobe CC apps automatically.

You can now open your Adobe CC apps and send proofs, upload new versions, and bring back comments layered over your artwork.

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