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How to get your proofs looking beautiful
How to get your proofs looking beautiful

Think about physical dimensions, resolution quality and fonts to ensure your reviewers get the best experience when they leave feedback.

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When a proof is created, we encrypt the file on your computer (or mobile device) prior to that data being sent. When that proof is viewed we decrypt the proof into your browser and display the proof in the best possible way for the reviewer, whether they are looking at it on-the-run using their mobile, or in full-screen glory on their office computer.

Here are some tips to ensure the best experience for you and your reviewers

1. Resolution

Use the highest resolution quality of your work for the proof – no more low-resolution imagery just to get through email barriers. We want your work to look it's very best, so the higher the quality, the better.

2. Fonts

Ensure fonts are embedded.
In Microsoft Word and PowerPoint for example, if custom fonts are not embedded, Microsoft will use default fonts for your viewers. To embed your custom fonts:

  • Go to File -> Save As -> Tools -> Save Options and tick on Embed fonts in the file.

How to embed fonts in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint
  • In some versions of Microsoft's applications, this option can be inside the preferences area. At the top left, click Word/ Powerpoint > Preferences > Save Options and tick on Embed fonts in the file.

PowerPoint preferences screen
Font embedding screen with embed fonts in the file checked on

3. Physical dimensions

Think about the physical artwork dimensions for your viewer.
For example, scale down your billboard artwork before creating a proof – that way your reviewer will have a much better zoom +/- experience. We recommend anything greater than 2 metres in width be scaled down.

4. Direct from Adobe CC

If you’re creating work using Adobe CC, download our add-on and let us take care of creating proofs directly from InDesign, Illustrator, InCopy, Photoshop, Premiere Pro and After Effects for you.

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