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Is something not going quite right for you? These articles may help troubleshoot. Our team is available to assist in-app via the chat on the dashboard too.

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How to create a PDF with X-3 optionsPDF files created in the PDF/X-3 standard are far more likely to be able to be opened in their intended form on the majority of devices.
How to export a HAR fileIf our support team asks for a HAR file, here is how to export this file from your browser logs to assist in troubleshooting.
Trouble installing the add-on from Adobe?There is a known fault in the Adobe marketplace add-on installation process which may result in a blank window, or a signing error.
Is a web proof not opening?If you can’t open a website or HTML proof, it is possible that your browser’s cookie settings are the cause. Follow these instructions.
PageProof’s browser extension for website & HTML proofingWe explain further the benefits of having the PageProof browser extension installed in Chrome, Firefox, Edge & Safari.
Enabling browser cookiesIf your browser cookies are disabled, this will cause a zipped HTML proof or email proof to pause at 10% download.
What does the status % mean on the proof tile in the outbox?10%, 20%, 60% – what exactly do these proof processing percentages mean, and what actions can you take?
Changing the default browser used by email notificationsIf you are opening a proof from a PageProof email notification and the default browser is not your preferred browser, follow these steps:
Something looking strange?Browsers are not all created equal and on a rare occasion you may experience a glitch. Here’s what to do if something isn’t looking perfect.
Setting up your website ready for HTML proofingTo ensure the best proofing experience for you and your reviewers for web proofing, follow this simple checklist.
Why is the red pen not available?Depending on the proof status, the red pen tool is seen/hidden. Here’s an explanation of each proof’s state and who can add comments.
Do you have enough space on your computer to open proofs?Computers which are running low on disk space may not be able to open a proof. Avoid the hang on a sec message.
Why do I have to login every time I open up PageProof?Having to login all the time? Let’s see whether a very important setting has been disabled in your browser.
Trouble logging in?Are you having trouble logging into PageProof? These steps will help you log in to your account and get proofing in no time.
Reviewer status: Not registeredWhat does it mean when a reviewer’s avatar is white with a dotted outline? What does not registered mean?
Proof taking a long time to upload?You can expect proofs to process quickly (in a matter of a minute or so). If your proof is taking a long time to process, this could be why.
PageProof emails going to Junk or SpamAre your notification emails going to junk or spam in Outlook, or Office365? Here’s how to ensure your email notifications get through.
X Frame options in headers explainedSome website url links are not able to be embedded, something PageProof requires to allow reviewers to see the url proof.
How to get your proofs looking beautifulThink about physical dimensions, resolution quality and fonts to ensure your reviewers get the best experience when they leave feedback.
Need some help?If you’re having an issue, or simply need some advice or help, let us take a look at your proof to see what you’re seeing.
Ensuring emails get through and the best performance of PageProofWe do everything we can to ensure proof invitation emails are unfiltered by spam systems, but here some things your IT can do as well.
I can’t see the proofIf you think you should be seeing the proof but can’t, it might be because of one of these three reasons.
Having to install the Adobe add-on every day? You shouldn’t.Does the Adobe add-on need to be added after a restart? Your IT department can prevent this from happening. Here’s how.
Seeing a blank panel in Adobe Photoshop?Using the older PageProof Adobe add-on and experiencing a blank panel in Adobe Photoshop when trying to create a proof? Here’s what to do.