Creating a proof of your 3D content in the SketchFab player is as simple as copying the embed link and creating a new proof using the website URL option.

To create a SketchFab 3D player proof

Step 1

In SketchFab, click Embed.

Step 2

In the Embed viewer, select Autostart and any additional options. Click on the embed code to copy it to your clipboard.


Embed viewer in SketchFab

Step 3

Paste into a text editor the embed code and look for the src="......" link. 

It will look something like this:


Copy only the content between the quote marks.

Step 4

In PageProof, click the file dropper icon on your dashboard and select Website URL.

File dropper icon showing options

Paste the URL link you copied and follow the usual steps to send your proof. 

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