When a proof is returned to the proof owner with a to-do list, the proof will be in the inbox of your dashboard. Clicking the comment icon next to the proof name will reveal the comments panel which will default to showing to-dos (i.e comments that have been marked for action).

If the comment pane is empty, it will be for one of the following reasons:

  • A to-do list hasn’t been returned yet.
    Click the drop down list and change the view from to-dos to all comments.

  • All the to-dos have been marked as done.
    Click the drop down list as change the view from to-dos to done.

Viewing proof comments in the Adobe add-on

We recommend waiting until the proof has finished its workflow and has been returned with a to-do list before working through the comments. If you want to stop the workflow early and bring the proof back to work on its comments, please read this article on how to do this.

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