As a designer, it is quick and easy to create proofs directly from within Adobe InDesign and send them out to a PageProof workflow. Then, when a to-do list has been returned, bring the comments back into InDesign with the corresponding pins layered over your artwork file. Firstly make sure you have installed the PageProof Adobe add-on, then follow these simple instructions:

To bring comments back into InDesign

Step 1

Open your artwork file. 

Step 2

Click inbox to see proofs that have been returned with a to-do list. Proofs that have been returned are indicated in green and will display a comments icon.

PageProof panel in Adobe InDesign

Tip: A warning icon will display at the bottom of the panel if the artwork file does not match the artwork file that created the proof.

Click the comments icon and the list of to-dos will be revealed on the right-hand side of the panel.

Step 3

Select a comment to reveal the pin position layered on the artwork.


  • Double click the comment text to select copy

  • Click the download icon in the comment to download the comment’s attachment

  • With the document’s text selected, use the replace text icon at the bottom of the panel to replace text with the comment text.

Displaying a comment's markup layered over the InDesign file

Step 4

When the change has been made to the artwork, tick done against the comment.


  • The comment will now appear in the done list of the comments. Use the drop down to move between all comments (All Comments), comments to be ignored (Ignored), comments marked as to-dos (To-do), ˆˆto-dos marked as done (Done) and comments to be ignore marked as done (Ignored but done).

Filtering comments by status in InDesign

Step 5

When all the changes have been made to the artwork, click the create new version icon to upload a new version of the proof.

Uploading a new proof version directly from Adobe InDesign

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