Creating a website proof is simply a matter of clicking the file dropper icon on your dashboard, then clicking the url icon to enter in a website address.

Creating a website proof

Step 1

On your dashboard, click the file dropper icon then click the url icon.

Step 2
Enter the url of your website and click next.

Step 3

Complete the proof setup by:

  • Checking the proof name
  • Adding any additional tags (for example a job number, project name or client name)
  • Setting a due date and time that you want to receive the feedback by. You can also add an automatic proof reminder if you like.
  • Adding an optional message to reviewers

Step 4

Click next to enter your reviewers’ email addresses, then click send

PageProof will send out proof invitation emails when the proof has finished processing and is ready for reviewing.

If you want to create an HTML proof of a website, you can follow these instructions here.

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