We do things differently here at PageProof and one such thing is letting your team of reviewers place their feedback directly on HTML content that they are viewing – that’s right, no screenshots or strange ways to 'fake' review of HTML content. It’s the real deal.

To upload your HTML email or website

Step 1

Your zip file of your HTML content must contain a .html or .htm file.

Step 2

Drag and drop your zip file onto the file dropper icon on your dashboard.

Your reviewers can securely proof* HTML content, easily change their viewport to see the content on mobile, tablet, desktop for example, and apply any network conditions if they wish.

*Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari are the required browsers for HTML review.

Note: If you want to create a website proof using a URL, follow the instructions here.

To optimize your website for proofing, follow the instructions here.

To upload an HTML web banner

Step 1

Your HTML content must contain a .html or .htm file.

Create a master folder. Inside the master folder, have a folder with the actual size of the banner ad. For example: 200x300 (no spaces)

Step 2

Download this index.html file, (the link will open a new tab displaying the HTML. Right mouse click and select save as...). Then add this index.html file into the master folder.

Master folder with index.html file

Step 3

Zip the master folder and drop the zipped folder on to the file dropper onto your dashboard.

To display multiple web banners in one proof, follow the instructions here.

If you’d like to read further on guidelines for web banners, follow Google's requirement for their DoubleClick Digital Marketing (DCM).

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