Creating a website proof

It’s easy to create a proof of a website using a url. You can even create a proof of a website that’s on a staging server.

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Creating a website proof is simply a matter of clicking the file dropper icon on your dashboard, then clicking the url icon to enter in a website address.

Creating a website proof

Firstly, make sure your website is optimized for proofing by following the checklist here.

Step 1

On your dashboard, click the file dropper icon and select Website URL.

File dropper icon showing different file location options

Step 2

Enter the URL of your website and click next.

Enter a URL for your proof

Note: If your website has basic authentication, please follow the additional step outlined in this article.

Step 3

Complete the proof setup by:

  • Checking the proof name

  • Adding any additional tags (for example a job number, project name or client name)

  • Setting a due date and time that you want to receive the feedback by. You can also add an automatic proof reminder if you like.

  • Adding an optional message to reviewers

Step 4

In the reviewers section, click add reviewers. Choose whether you want to create a workflow from scratch, or use a workflow template that you’ve created beforehand, or had shared with you.

Add reviewers

Step 5

Click send proof.

PageProof will send out proof invitation emails when the proof has finished processing and is ready for reviewing.

Note: If you want to create a zipped HTML proof of a website, you can follow these instructions here.

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