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PageProof & Microsoft Teams channel integration
PageProof & Microsoft Teams channel integration

How to get proof notifications into your Microsoft Teams channel from PageProof. Team administrators can set up the MS Teams integration.

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PageProof for Teams, Teams Plus, and PageProof Enterprise plans have the option to send proof notifications into a Microsoft Teams channel. A team channel gives visible to all those with access to that channel an overview of your team’s proofs. PageProof sends notifications when:

  • a proof is started

  • a proof has a to-do list returned

  • a proof is approved.

To get started, you need to create a channel for your PageProof notifications in Microsoft Teams, then use a webhook to this channel in the PageProof integrations page.

Note: The team administrator for your PageProof license can set up your integrations.

How to integrate PageProof & Microsoft Teams

Step 1

In Microsoft Teams, next to your team name click the ... icon and select add channel.

Add channel to Microsoft Teams

Step 2

Give your channel a name and a description. For example:

  • Channel name: PageProof

  • Description: This PageProof channel will send the team notification about our proofs. For example: when proofs we own are approved, or a to-do list is sent.

Then click add.

Click add to add the new channel to Microsoft Teams

Step 3

Next to your channel name click the ... icon and select Connectors.

Go to connectors to configure an incoming webhook

Then in the Connectors screen select to configure Incoming Webhook.

Click configure

Step 4

Name the incoming webhook the same as the channel name.

If you like, you can click upload image to upload the PageProof logo for the channel (which you can download here).

Then click create.

Click create to complete adding your incoming webhook to the channel

You will then see the webhook url displayed. Copy the url.

Copy the URL

Step 5

In PageProof, click your avatar to open your main menu and select team, then integrations. Then select Zapier and webhooks.

Step 6

Scroll down in the Zapier and webhooks page to the Webhooks section. Paste in the webhook url into the connection field for Microsoft Teams, then turn on the webhook.

To accompany the Microsoft Teams channel integration, we also recommend downloading the Microsoft Teams app – the app will notify you for just the proofs that you own. You can read more here.

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