If you would like to send proof notifications into a particular Slack channel, you can.

Before you begin, team administrators must make sure the following is set up:

  • Install the Slack app under team integrations

  • Turn on the reference field under team settings

To send proof notifications into a Slack channel

Step 1

Open Slack and ensure the PageProof app is open and you are logged in. This article will be helpful.

Step 2

In the proof setup screen, or in the proof’s info pane, click the 3 dots next to the reference field and select Slack.

Three dots icon to reveal reference options Asana, monday.com, and Slack

Step 3

Choose the Slack channel that you’d like to send the proof notifications into.

Note: To reference a private Slack channel, PageProof must be added to that channel first.
To do this, go to the private channel in Slack, click the info icon, select more, then Add apps. Search for ˆPageProof and click add.

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