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Creating a proof of a Figma prototype
Creating a proof of a Figma prototype

Figma & PageProof. Take the share link from your Figma prototype and create a proof to gather feedback and approvals.

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Figma is a popular prototyping tool for creating website and app mockups. You can take your Figma design prototypes and create a proof in PageProof so you can gather feedback and approvals.

To create a proof of your Figma design prototype

Step 1

  • Open your design in Figma, and select the present arrow (top right)

  • Click share prototype (top right). Note: you may need to hover over the top of the page to see this button.

  • In Share My Design, turn on the option anyone with the link, then click copy link.

Step 2

In PageProof, click the file dropper icon on the dashboard and choose website URL.

File dropper icon showing different file location options

Paste in the Figma link copied from step 1, click next and set up your proof.

Enter a URL for your proof

Note: Changes to your prototype in Figma are seen live in PageProof. The prototype display (iPhone X to iPad for example) can be changed on the fly too.

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