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Adding your brand colors to email notifications
Adding your brand colors to email notifications

On the enterprise plan, you can change the default heading, links, and button colors for email notifications to match your branding.

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Team administrators for enterprise plans can customize the colors in email notifications to match other branding they have set.

The following options are customizeable:

  • Heading text color.
    For example, email headings such as: You have been invited to proof, Great job! Your proofs has been approved etc.

  • Link text color.
    For example, the proof name in the email is a clickable link.

  • Button color.
    For example, the background color of the view proof button.

  • Button text color.
    For example, the color of the text ‘view proof’ on the button.

Default color options that can be customized

To customize colors in emails

Step 1

As a team administrator for your enterprise account, click your avatar and select team, then branding.

Step 2

Under the email tab, in the colors section, apply new colors by clicking the colored dot.

Click the colored dot to set a new color

Tip: To reset all colors to the default, click reset.

To learn how to change the default email sending email address of email notifications, view this help article.

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