All email notifications come ‘from’ a sending email address of [email protected]. However, if you’re on an enterprise plan, you can change this sending email address (for example to [email protected]) for proof notifications.

What is an SPF record?

SPF stands for Sender Policy Framework. An SPF record specifies the mail servers that are allowed to send email for your domain. For email notifications to be sent from PageProof from a different sending email address, we must be allowed to send email on behalf of your email domain.

Why does the SPF record need to be updated?

When incoming mail servers receive email messages from your domain, they compare the SPF record to the outgoing mail server information. If the information doesn’t match, they identify the email message as unauthorized, and will generally filter it as spam or reject it. So, to avoid this from occurring, the SPF record must be updated to allow PageProof as an authorized sender.

Note: SPF records should have fewer than 512 characters, and only UTF-8 characters are supported.

Set a new sending email address

Before you begin: ensure the new email address can send and receive email, and your SPF record is valid and includes the following text: -all

Note: You may need your IT department to assist.

Step 1

As a team administrator for your enterprise account, click your avatar and select team, then settings.

Step 2

Enter a new sending email address and click save.

Note: We recommend this new email address be monitored regularly for replies, bounce-backs (i.e emails that can’t be delivered), and out of office messages.

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