Team settings

Team administrators can turn off/on feature settings that will affect all proofs created by team members.

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The team settings area is available to team administrators under the team menu. These settings control whether features are turned on or off for your team.

Team settings

Proof settings

Team settings for proofs

Version due dates

Set whether a new proof version will use the due date from the previous version.

Proof link sharing

Anyone who has access to the proof can copy the unique proof link and will be able to share it with anyone who is not in the workflow. Users who have a proof link can access the proof and leave feedback on the proof when the proof is in proofing. If proof link sharing is turned on, you can set the default for new proofs.

General comments

Reviewers can add a general comment (a comment that has no markup).

Private comments

Reviewers can add private comments (comments that are visible only to users in your team).

Enable editing of comments by other proof users

The proof owner and approver can edit other reviewers' comments by default. If your organization has a strict audit policy, you can ensure only the user who made the comment can edit their own comment by turning this feature off.

Enable deleting of comments by proof owners

The proof owner can delete other reviewers' comments.

Replies to comments can be made after a to-do list has been returned

Replies to comments are turned on by default. If you don’t want reviewers to add replies to comments once the to-do list has been sent to the proof owner, turn this feature off.

Message to the owners

When sending the to-do list, users can now turn off the ability to leave a message to the owners.

Show the reference field 

A reference field can be displayed on proofs your team owns in the proof setup screen, and in the proof’s info pane if this feature is turned on.
The reference field can be used to connect PageProof with your other business tools via Zapier, also with native integrations such as, Slack, Asana etc, or alternatively you can use them for any other codes/details you find might be useful for your organization.

Approved with changes

Reviewers see an additional decision option approved with changes when clicking their finished button if this feature is enabled. This option can be selected by reviewers if the proof has one or more comments.


Team feature settings


Whether checklists are able to be used when creating new proofs. If this feature is enabled, team administrators must have at least one checklist template available for their team to use.


If this feature is enabled, team administrators will be able to create and edit webhooks.

Email settings

Team email settings

Use your team name as the ‘from’ name in all emails

Personalize the proof email invitation. This setting lets the team admins decide if the 'from' name default is 'PageProof Team' or the team name of your PageProof license.

Show comment text in all emails

Email notifications advising when new comments are added, a reply to a comment has been made, or you have been mentioned on a proof show by default the text of the comment. Turning this feature off will hide the comment text from within these email notifications.

Email notification when a team admin adds a proof owner

When a team admin adds a new proof owner to a proof via the team dashboard, the other proof owners will also get a notification.

Include team members in email address book suggestions

When typing the first few letters of an email address, a list of team members is included in the email address book suggestions.

Sending email

For enterprise customers, you can change the default sending email address for email notifications. Learn more about this feature.

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