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Proof taking a long time to upload?
Proof taking a long time to upload?

You can expect proofs to process quickly (in a matter of a minute or so). If your proof is taking a long time to process, this could be why.

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A proof taking a long time to upload?

If the dimension size of your file is extremely large – for example, a 4m x 3m banner or a very large-sized billboard, the file will take longer to process than a smaller dimension file.

To ensure faster processing time and a better experience for your reviewers when they open your proof, reduce the file in size prior to upload. For example 50% of its actual size.

In your outbox, if the proof is sitting at 10% (and remaining at 10%), the PageProof servers have not received the entire file. Please replace the file following these instructions.

If you have any concerns about processing time, please reach out to our team through the in-app chat.

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