In getting your file ready for online proofing, PageProof takes your file on a journey to get it ready for your reviewers to comment. Sometimes you may see your proof sitting in the outbox with a status message and a progress percentage. What do these percentages actually mean?

10% - Uploading

This shows that PageProof is waiting for your file to fully load before it can get to work on the preparation. The file was possibly interrupted during the upload to PageProof. (Network error, browser window closed early, etc)

Remedy: Delete the proof and re-upload it. If it has previous version - be sure to only remove the latest version (NOT the whole proof)

20% - Queued

PageProof has your file! Our file preparation services will be picking up file soon and getting started. There is no need to take any action, your file will be processed soon. PageProof will automatically scale up processing resources as required!

Remedy: Patience - your file will be processed. (Don't delete the proof)

60% - Processing

PageProof is now working on your file. Depending on the number of pages, or the physical dimensions of your file will determine the processing time.

  • A 16 page US Letter or A4 document will process very quickly.

  • A PDF with 200 posters in it will take longer to process.

  • A 100MB video will be ready very quickly.

  • A 1GB video will take longer to process.

Remedy: Patience - PageProof is working on your file and will have it completed as quickly as we can! (Don't delete the proof)

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