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Replacing a proof file

If you need to replace the file uploaded for a proof, you can. Doing so will not affect the version number of the proof.

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As a proof owner, if you need to replace the file for a proof you can. You may like to do this instead of deleting the proof if you have spotted that you uploaded the incorrect file, or want to upload a newer version without affecting the version number.

To replace the file for a proof

Step 1

Click the cog icon to manage your proof, and select replace proof file.


Manage cog icon

Manage pane showing the replace proof file option

Note: This option will be available only if the proof is in the outbox, or is in a status of in proofing but has no comments or decisions made on the proof thus far.

Step 2

You will be taken to the dashboard where you can upload the replacement file by clicking the file dropper icon on the proof tile.

If you prefer to delete the proof instead, read more in this article.

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