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Opening a recently reviewed proof
Opening a recently reviewed proof

After you have finished reviewing (i.e pushed the green button), if you need to go back into the proof to add further comments you can.

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When you click the green button on the proofing screen, this lets the proof owner know that you have finished reviewing. The proof is then removed from your dashboard inbox, however, if you need to go back into the proof to add further comments you can*.ย 

There are 4 ways to open a proof that you recently reviewed

  1. Use the global search (shortcut key /) to find the proof from anywhere

  2. Click into the proof in your recently viewed area on your dashboard inbox

  3. Click your finished reviewing notification

  4. Open the proof from the original invitation email.

Option 1

From anywhere in PageProof, type the shortcut key / to use the global search:

Global search

Option 2

On your dashboard inbox, click the proof in the recently viewed section.

Option 3

On the dashboard, open your recent notifications by clicking the bell icon.

Option 4

Open the original proof email invitation and click view proof.

Note: You will be able to use the red pen commenting tool until the proof is locked by either a gatekeeper or the approver, or returned to the proof owner.

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