Creating a proof from Adobe Photoshop

Download our plugin for Adobe Photoshop and you can create proofs of your creative, and show comments and markup layered over your file.

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As a designer, it is quick and easy to create proofs directly from within Adobe Photoshop and send them out to a PageProof workflow, along with a checklist if you like.

When a to-do list has been returned, bring the comments back into Photoshop with the corresponding pins/markup layered over your creative file.

To create a proof from Adobe Photoshop

Step 1

Download the PageProof for Adobe Photoshop plugin here.

Step 2

Log into PageProof. Your dashboard inbox will be displayed.

The PageProof plugin for Adobe Photoshop

Step 3

With your Photoshop file open, click the create new proof icon in the plugin window.

Create Proof popup screen in Adobe Photoshop

Select the format for the proof: PSD, JPG, or, PNG, and click upload.

You may be asked by Adobe to give permission to open the PageProof app the first time you create a proof. Check remember my choice, and click allow.

Adobe request for permission screen

Step 4

In the proof setup screen, complete the setup for the proof. For example, add a workflow, owners, checklist, integration references, and adjust proof settings. Then click send proof.

Example proof setup screen

Read on further with this article on how to bring back comments from the proof into Photoshop.

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