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Global search: search for any proof, from anywhere
Global search: search for any proof, from anywhere

PageProof has a global search that can be accessed wherever you are. Use the shortcut key / to access the global search to find a proof.

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Global search

Wherever you are in PageProof you can use the global search to quickly find and open a proof that you’re searching for. Use the shortcut key / to open the search:

Global search

You can then type a few characters to search by proof name, file name, tag, collection folder name, proof’s workflow name and current workflow step name, message to reviewers, and reference.


  • If you were recently invited to the proof or left your decision on the proof, click the notifications (bell icon) on your dashboard to open the proof through a notification.

  • You can click the view proof button on an email, Slack, or Microsoft Teams notification to open a proof.

  • You can also search for a proof using the search and filters on your dashboard.

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