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Gatekeeper: When to lock the proof
Gatekeeper: When to lock the proof

When a gatekeeper opens the proof, PageProof will ask if they want to lock it. So what does it mean to lock the proof as a gatekeeper?

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Gatekeeper: When to lock the proof

The decision to make

As a gatekeeper you must decide:

  • Is the proof OK to continue on in the workflow for others to review, or

  • Does it need to be returned straight away to the proof owner with a to-do list

You can make your decision with the proof unlocked or locked. The choice to lock the proof is yours. If you want to lock the proof during your review, click the lock icon. This removes the red pen from all other reviewers during your review.

To make your decision as gatekeeper

  • To let the proof continue through the workflow, click approve & send on. Or,

  • Mark comments you want actioned as to-do in the comment pane and return the proof back by clicking send to-do list

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