Learn how to create and use workflows to easily route your proof through groups of reviewers, each proofing in turn.

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A guide on workflow rolesHere’s an explanation of all the different roles that you can have on a proof using a workflow (reviewer, mandatory, gatekeeper)
Creating and saving a workflow templateYou can create, and save a workflow template for use later, in 3 different areas of PageProof. Here’s how.
Sharing a workflow templateOnce you have created a workflow template, you can share the template with others so they can use it when creating proofs too.
Favorite a workflow templateFavorite workflows you commonly use for quick access when setting up proofs. These will display at the top of your workflow list.
Deleting and duplicating a workflow templateWhen managing your workflow templates, you might like to duplicate a workflow template, or delete templates that are no longer used.
Creating a new workflow in the proof setup screenYou can create a new workflow from scratch in the proof setup screen – add as many workflow steps that you need & save it as a template too.
Setting how many mandatory/gatekeeper/approver decisions are requiredWhen multiple mandatories or gatekeepers are in the proof’s workflow, you can set how many decisions are required for the proof to move on.
Start a proof at a certain step of the workflowA proof can start partway through the workflow if you like. E.g, you can choose to start the proof at step 2 rather than step 1. Here’s how.
Multiple approversA workflow can have multiple approvers if you’d like. Here’s everything you need to know.