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Inbox, outbox, sent and more. Your dashboard explained.
Inbox, outbox, sent and more. Your dashboard explained.

Explaining the different areas of your dashboard in a nutshell: Inbox, Sent, Outbox, Approved, and Everything.

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Your dashboard is used to manage all the proofs you have been asked to review, and  proofs that you have created and sent to others.

Let’s break down the dashboard

On the left-hand side of the dashboard you will find a set of folders that group and organize your proofs: inbox, sent, outbox, approved and everything.

The side panel of the dashboard

Let’s explain this further.

  • Inbox: all that you need to take action on right now. Aim for inbox empty and you’re all up to date!

  • Outbox: all processing proofs and proofs needing a little more set-up will be seen here until they are sent out to your reviewers.

  • Sent: all proofs you’ve sent out to reviewers and currently waiting for approval on. This is your work-in-progress list!

  • Approved: as soon as your proof is approved, it is filed away into this folder for quick access.

  • Everything: this is where all proofs you’ve ever been involved in are found.

We also give you a global search and filters so you can drill down to exactly what you’re looking for!

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