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Passing your proof to another owner
Passing your proof to another owner

If you aren’t sure who needs to review and approve your proof, or what workflow to use, you can assign another owner who does know.

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Sometimes there will be situations where you are uploading a proof, but you do not know who needs to review and approve it – but someone else does know. 

For example:

  • You’re a designer and your account manager knows.

  • You’re an account manager and your client knows exactly who in their organisation needs to sign off the proof – they want to assign their PageProof workflow themselves.

To assign a proof owner

Step 1

In the proof set up screen, you can either set up the details or leave it for the proof owner to do

Proof setup screen

Step 2

On the left of the proofing screen, click owners and click the + icon. Type the email address of the other owner you want to add.

Owners section of the proof setup screen

Step 3

You'll see that person's avatar sitting beside you. Now you have the option to remove yourself from the owner's section, if necessary.

Owners sections showing the plus icon to add an owner

The proof is now partially set up and has involved the co-owner (and notified them via email). The proof will be sitting in the dashboard outbox for both of you until a workflow has been assigned to the proof and the proof is underway.

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