Sometimes there will be situations where you are uploading a proof, but you do not know who needs to review and approve it – but someone else does know. 

For example:

  • You’re a designer and your account manager knows.

  • You’re an account manager and your client knows exactly who in their organisation needs to sign off the proof – they want to assign their PageProof workflow themselves.

To assign an owner:

Step 1

In the proof set up screen, ensure the workflow is set to create new workflow. Click next.

Step 2

Instead of adding reviewer email addresses, click assign an owner.

Step 3

Click the plus icon and enter their email address. Click next.

The proof is now partially set up and has involved the co-owner (and notified them via email). The proof will be sitting in the dashboard outbox for both of you until a workflow has been assigned to the proof and the proof is underway.

This short video may be handy to watch as well.

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