Our PageProof Adobe add-on is designed to be installed once. If your computer keeps logging you out of your add-on and uninstalling it every day, it’s possible that your IT administrator is running a ‘refresh’ on your computer overnight that is removing the add-on.

To address this concern, follow these steps:

Step 1

Make sure you are running on the latest add-on (v1.11.1). To check, click the menu icon found at the top right corner of your add-on panel.

If you have an older version of the add-on , you can download the latest add-on here.
**Those on Adobe CC 2017/2018 can download v1.7.9 here.

Step 2

Communicate with your IT team/IT administrator to include the PageProof Adobe add-on when they run their daily ‘refresh’ script. This will eliminate having to install the add-on every day. (They can install the add-on manually using the manual install option in this article)

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