There is a known fault in the Adobe marketplace add-on installation process which may result in a blank window displayed for some users using a Windows operating system. Adobe has been made aware of this issue.

For example, you may see this:

Blank panel in Adobe

Follow these steps

Note: You may need to have administrator access to your computer to carry out some of these steps.

Step 1

Navigate to c:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\CEP\extensions.

File directory navigation for Adobe CEP extensions

Right mouse click the folder PagePoofCC and select properties.

PageProofCC folder

Step 2

Select the Security tab and in Group or user names select your user name, then click Edit...

Note: You may need to enter a password.

Security tab of PageProofCC properties

Step 3

In Permissions for Users ensure Allow is checked on next to Full Control, then click Apply and OK to close the windows.

Set permissions for full control and modify

Step 4

Re-launch your Adobe application, and the PageProof add-on will show your dashboard content.

PageProof Adobe CC panel

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