Comparing proofs

You can compare a proof between its versions (for example, version 1 & version 2), or compare two different proofs. The choice is yours.

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You can compare proofs in different ways, the choice is yours:

Proofs can be compared side-by-side, or if the dimensions of the proofs match, smart compare will be available. In smart compare mode, a useful slider and ‘quick flick’ tool are available too.

In this article we will show you:

How to compare two different proofs

Step 1

On your dashboard, click the cog icon and select compare.

Dashboard manage menu

Step 2

Select two proofs to compare, then click compare.

Note: If the dimensions of the 2 proofs are exactly the same, then smart compare will be available.

When you are viewing proofs in compare mode, you can also add comments if the proof is in a state that allows this. Read this article to learn how to add comments in compare mode.

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