The PageProof Microsoft Teams app will send you notifications about your proofs.

Get notified when proofs you own:

  • Start

  • A to-do list is sent

  • A final approval is given

  • Someone has asked to be added to the proof

You’ll also be notified when:

  • You’re invited to review a proof

  • Mentioned in a proof comment

  • Nudged to review a proof

  • Assigned a proof to action as an editor

How to install the Microsoft Teams app

Step 1

Click your avatar to open the main menu and select profile. Select apps and click MS Teams.

Step 2

Sign into Microsoft Teams. When prompted in MS Teams, click sign in.

Sign into Microsoft teams using your PageProof account

Step 3

Sign into PageProof and click allow when prompted to accept the access permissions.

Microsoft Teams app and PageProof access permissions

You are now set up to receive notifications from your proofs into your Microsoft Teams app.

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