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If you have a Slack workspace, you can use the PageProof Slack app to receive personal notifications about your proofs.

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Introducing the PageProof Slack App

Install the PageProof Slack app and sign in to your PageProof account to receive notifications.

Get notified immediately

The PageProof Slack app will send you notifications about your proofs.

Get notified when proofs you own:

  • Start

  • A to-do list is sent

  • A final approval is given

  • Someone has asked to be added to the proof

You’ll also be notified when:

  • You’re invited to review a proof

  • Mentioned in a proof comment

  • Nudged to review a proof

  • Assigned a proof to action as an editor

How to install your personal Slack channel

Step 1

In PageProof, click your avatar, select profile. Then select apps and click the Slack app to install it.

How to log into the Slack app

Step 1

In Slack, select the PageProof app and type login. Then click Login to sign into your PageProof account.

Type login into Slack

Once logged in you will start to receive notifications to your Slack app.

Tip: Once you have the Slack app installed and you are logged in, you can turn off the email notifications for 'invitation to proof', ‘to-dos requested’ and ‘proof approved’ and just rely on the slack notifications for these instead.

To check out PageProof’s privacy policy visit this link.

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