Asana & PageProof

It’s easy to integrate PageProof with Asana so that your tasks are automatically updated with proof information.

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PageProof & Asana

Asana is a project management tool that helps keep your project team closely aligned. If your team uses Asana, PageProof can integrate seamlessly into this tool – your team administrator can set this up by following the installation steps below.

To see how Asana & PageProof integrate together, reach out to our team via the in-app chat on your dashboard, or choose a time here.

Asana and PageProof: A native, 2-way integration

To install the PageProof app

Step 1

Visit this page and click Install Asana for PageProof.

Step 2

Click get started.

Click get started to install the PageProof app for Asana

Step 3

Click connect to PageProof.

Click connect to PageProof

Step 4

Select the projects you’d like to connect.

You’re all done and ready to go! To add the PageProof app to other projects, follow these instructions.

Video tutorial

How to add the PageProof app to your Asana project

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