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Use the automatic barcode scanner to easily check barcodes and QR codes on the proofs. It's quick to create a comment too.

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The barcode scanner makes it quick and easy to check barcodes and QR codes on a proof. It will automatically scan the artwork and identify these codes for you – in fact, these will be highlighted on the proof for easy spotting.

Hover over a code to see its details. Click the code to copy the code information, even quickly create a comment containing the code too. The same can be done for QR codes, even opening the link in a new tab is an option.

To use the barcode scanner

Step 1

Click the barcode scanner icon found in the magic tools.

Magic tools icon
The barcode scanner is found under the magic tools

The proof page will be automatically scanned for barcodes. If any codes are detected, they will be highlighted on the proof for you to easily see.

The barcdoe scanner will automatically detect barcodes and QR codes on the artwork


  • Turn on/off the spotlight (shortcut keys) to easily spot the codes found on the artwork.

  • Hover over a code to reveal information about the code

  • Click the code to perform actions:

    • Copy the code

    • Open the URL in a new tab

    • Create a comment

      Click the barcode to reveal actions
  • The shortcut key b turns on/off the barcode scanner.

  • The shortcut key ESC exits barcode scanning mode.

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