Creating a proof from Adobe InDesign

Download our Adobe CC add-on and you can send creative work directly from InDesign, and bring comments back layered over your file.

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As a designer, it is quick and easy to create proofs directly from within Adobe InDesign and send them out to a PageProof workflow. Then, when a to-do list has been returned, bring the comments back into InDesign with the corresponding pins layered over your artwork file.

To create a proof from Adobe InDesign

Step 1

Head here to download the add-on.

Step 2

Follow the installation instructions and then go to Window -> Extensions -> PageProof to open the add-on. Log into PageProof.

Step 3

With your InDesign file open, click the create new proof icon.

PageProof panel in Adobe InDesign

Step 4

The proof name will autofill. You can choose to create the proof from all pages, or select a page range and/or spreads.

Create proof screen in Adobe InDesign using the PageProof add-on

Optional: Click output settings... to select options such as output (we recommend PDF/X-3), crop marks, and bleed.

Output settings screen in Adobe InDesign using the PageProof add-on

Step 5

Click OK to create the proof, then complete details in the proof setup screen – add a workflow, owners, checklists, integration references, and adjust proof settings.
Read on further with this article on how to bring back comments from the proof into InDesign.

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