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Managing your account
Managing your account

Teams vs Teams Plus vs Enterprise. Which account type is best for you, how to change your plan, and how to see your billing history or update your credit card.

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Resetting your passwordIf you have forgotten your password don’t worry, you can reset your password if you need to. You will need access to your email address.
Two-factor authenticationTwo-factor authentication (2FA) can be turned on for added security to your PageProof account when you log in.
Dark mode or light mode themeIf your eyes are accustomed to a darker background, PageProof’s dark theme will perfect for you. Shortcut key dd switches the theme.
Controlling email notificationsAdjusting how quiet or loud PageProof email notifications are is done under your profile. You can turn on or off a wide variety of emails.
How to receive individual emails instead of grouped emailsBy default, emails of a similar type are grouped together to be inbox-friendly, however if you’d like to receive an individual email you can
Setting your language preferenceWould you like PageProof to be in English, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, or Dutch?
Switch accountsIt’s easy to switch from one account to another if you have more than one login to PageProof. Here’s how.
Upgrading your accountPay by credit card for a Team or Team Plus license before, during, or after your trial. Or, discuss whether Enterprise is right for you.
PageProof for Teams and Teams PlusWhen you should look at PageProof for Teams or Teams Plus plan? Here are the differences in features explained.
Your payment invoiceIf you need a copy of your billing history, invoice, or statement, you can do this from inside your personal billing portal.
Downgrading your accountProofing can sometimes mirror your project workload, so you may like the flexibility of putting your team plan on hold for a few months.
Your user profileYour user profile is where you can set a password, upload an avatar, adjust your preferences, notifications, settings, and more.