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Create a proof directly from Asana
Create a proof directly from Asana

Here’s how to create a proof directly from an Asana task. You can create a proof of a file attachment, email, or website URL.

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With the PageProof app, you can create proofs directly from an Asana task.

You can create a proof of:

  • A file attachment

  • An email – for example, an HTML email from a marketing system such as Mailchimp, Salesforce, etc.

  • A website URL – for example, a live website, a staging server, a share link from Figma, Google Docs, InVision, Office 365 PowerPoint presentation, Sketch, etc.

To create a proof from Asana

Step 1

Follow these instructions to add the PageProof app to your Asana project.

Step 2

Open the Asana task, and click the dropdown next to PageProof and select the option create new proof.

Click the drop down field and select create new proof

Step 3

In the Create New Proof window, select the file, and complete the proof setup form details such as: name, reference, message to reviewers, due date, and workflow. Then click create proof.

Note: Workflows shown in the workflow drop-down list are workflow templates that have been shared with your team.

Create new proof window in Asana

The proof will be created and the PageProof widget on the task will display important proof information – and be kept up to date with the proof’s progress automatically.

PageProof widget displaying proof information

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