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How an editor can assign a new version to an owner to send
How an editor can assign a new version to an owner to send

Don’t want the editor to send out new proof versions? Here are instructions on how the editor can pass the new proof version to the owner.

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As a proof owner, sometimes you don’t want the editor to send out a new proof version to reviewers, you want to do it instead. Here are instructions to pass on to your editor:

To assign a new proof version to an owner

Step 1

In the proof screen, click the upload file button and select a file, or drag and drop a file onto this button.

Click the upload new file button to select a new file for a new version.

Step 2

On the setup screen, where it says current workflow, select no workflow.

Workflow options available when uploading a new version

Step 3

In the owners section, add the person’s email address. You can remove yourself from here if needed.

Proof owners

What happens for the proof owner?

  • The proof owner will receive an email notification letting them know they have been assigned to complete the set-up of the new version.

  • The proof tile will be located in their outbox.

  • Then can open the proof, check the proof, then in the proof’s info pane click let’s go to set up the proof’s workflow and send out the proof. 

Proof info pane show reviewers are needed.

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