There are two ways to create a proof of an Adobe InDesign file:

  • Drag and drop the .indd file – perfect for early-stage content proofing.

  • Create a proof directly from inside of Adobe InDesign using the PageProof Adobe add-on – perfect for late-stage, print-ready proofing.

Dragging & dropping an .indd file

Dragging and dropping the .indd file is ideal for InDesign file content proofing – perfect for reviewing the layout of a file quickly and easily.
Note: Font substitution of custom fonts may occur.

Creating a proof directly from Adobe InDesign

When the artwork is getting ready at its final stages, use the Adobe add-on to create your print-ready proof directly from InDesign. A proof of the print-ready PDF is exported directly from InDesign automatically using the add-on. Quick and simple!

Follow these steps.

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