After you have marked off the to-do list as done, you can upload a new version of the proof and either:

  • Send the new proof to the same workflow, or

  • Send the new proof to a different workflow

To upload a new version

Step 1

View the proof and click the cog icon and select upload new version. This will take you to your dashboard.

Step 2 

Drag and drop the new file on top of the upload icon on the proof tile.

Proof tile that is needing a new version

Step 3

Complete the proof set-up screen – the proof name, tags and workflow will default to what was used for the previous proof version (including which step the workflow was started from). If you see the three dots icon, click to see more options:

Changing the proof name

Note: You can choose to send the proof:

  • To the current workflow, or

  • Select a new workflow template, or

  • Create a new workflow from scratch

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