Depending on how many comments have been placed on a proof, and what kind of file type the proof is, you will see a range of filters available to let you drill down into the list of comments.

The summary at the top of the comment pane is split into two areas:

  1. The top area shows how many comments are marked as:
  • To be ignored (grey circle with white dash)
  • To-do (red circle with white tick)
  • Done (green circle with white tick)
  • Ignored but done (grey circle with white tick)

2. The bottom area shows additional filters:

  • Page (if the proof is a multi-page proof)
  • Agrees (to see comments that have been agreed with/haven’t been agreed with yet)
  • Attachments (comments that have an attachment)
  • @ mentions (comments in which a particular reviewer has been @ mentioned)
  • Comments by (comments by a particular reviewer)
  • Box fill (box comments that have a fill color applied/no fill color applied)

To filter comments

Step 1

Click a filter to apply it.

Step 2

To clear the filter, either click the filter again, or click the green filter icon to the right of the comment summary pane.

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