Filtering comments

Filter the comment pane to see comments/replies made on a proof by a particular reviewer, page number, agrees and more.

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How to filter and order comments

Depending on how many comments have been placed on a proof, and what kind of file type the proof is, you will see a range of filters available to let you drill down into the list of comments.

Comment pane filters

The summary at the top of the comment pane is split into two areas:

  1. The top area shows how many comments are marked as:

  • Not marked (grey circle)

  • To-do (red circle with white tick)

  • Done (green circle with white tick)

2. The bottom area shows additional filters:

  • Page (if the proof is a multi-page proof, or comments have been made across multiple page URLs on a web proof)

  • Device size (comments by viewport size on a web proof, for example by mobile, laptop dimensions etc).

  • Agrees (to see comments that have been agreed with/haven’t been agreed with yet)

  • Attachments (comments that have an attachment)

  • @ mentions (comments in which a particular reviewer has been @ mentioned)

  • Comments by (comments by a particular reviewer)

  • Box fill (box comments that have a fill color applied/no fill color applied)

  • Search for a word inside of the comment pane

  • Replies (comments that have one or more replies)

To filter comments

Click a filter to apply it.

To clear the filter, either click the filter again or click the green filter icon to the right of the comment summary pane.

To order comments

To order the comments, click the filter icon to the right of the comment pane and choose either date, commented by, comment number, position, latest reply, or timecode (available on video and audio proofs).

Ordering the comments

To download comments as a .csv file

If you’d like to download the comments as a .csv file, click the download icon.

Download icon

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