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Here’s a list of handy keyboard shortcuts available for all kinds of proof types, that will help you fly through proofing.

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We’ve made it even easier to fly through your proofing with our keyboard shortcuts. A list of these are below but if you want to refresh your memory, click the magic icon, then the keyboard shortcuts icon when viewing a proof.

Keyboard shortcuts

All proofs

  • c to toggle the red pen comment tool on and off

  • shift + c to switch the red pen tool

  • shift + enter (or command + enter) to add a comment or reply

  • < and > to reveal and hide the comment pane

  • ` to mark a comment as to-do/done

  • * will invert the proof pin colors

  • \ will hide the pins

  • f to turn on focus mode

  • dd to turn on dark mode

  • cmd + p to print the comments list

  • i will reveal the info pane

  • - will turn on/off the ruler tool to measure elements on the proof

  • g will turn on/off gridlines

For static proofs (images, PDFs, Word documents, PowerPoint etc)

  • left and right arrow keys to move through pages of your proof

  • p will take you to the page grid view

  • 0, 1, 2, 4 will zoom the proof (fit, 100%, 200%, 400%) – up and down arrow keys to move through the zoom positions, shift + up and shift + down will nudge the zoom by 5%.

  • z + scroll will zoom between these zoom states.

  • r will rotate the proof clockwise. shift + r will rotate the proof counter-clockwise

  • [ and ] will add an outline to the proof

  • f to enter into focus mode

For audio and video proofs

  • left and right arrow keys will skip back/forward 5 seconds

  • space will play/pause

  • period for frame advance

  • comma for frame back

  • f will take your video to full-screen

For web proofs

  • v will move through the different viewport devices

For proof collections

  • shift + left and right arrow keys will move through proofs in the collection.

In any area of PageProof, m will open and close the main menu, and n will do the same for notifications.

You can also customize these keys just for you. Reveal the keyboard shortcuts when viewing a proof and double-click a grey key icon to personalize it.

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