Audit is available for Team and Enterprise plans and lets proof owners deep-dive into events that occurred during the proof’s lifecycle.

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During the lifecycle of a proof, we capture important events about the proof, such as:

  • When it was created

  • When a user viewed the proof

  • When was a reviewer skipped or nudged

  • When a reviewer clicked their finish button

  • Who returned the to-do list

  • Which editor was assigned the to-do list

  • When a proof reached a workflow step

  • How long did final approval take

...and lots more. All audit events for a proof can be viewed by proof owners via the info pane.

To audit a proof

Step 1

Open the proof’s info pane by clicking the i icon.

Step 2

Click the audit icon which looks like this:

Audit icon

To download the audit (for Enterprise only customers)

Step 1

Click the download icon found on the upper right corner of your info pane. It looks like this:

Download icon

Step 2

Click Yes, Export.

Tip: To see more or less events in the audit, change your view from summary view to full audit view (part of PageProof for enterprise) at the top of the audit pane.

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