If your team administrator has created one or more checklist templates for your team to use, and the checklist feature has been enabled by the team administrator, you can add a checklist to a proof in the proof setup screen.

To add a checklist to a proof

Step 1

In the proof setup screen, select a checklist template.

Adding a checklist to a proof

After selecting the checklist template, you can change the default settings.

Adjusting the settings for a checklist in the proof setup screen


  • Required for final approval: The checklist must be completed (every item checked) before the approver can give final approval on the proof.

  • Open on proof load: The checklist will automatically be displayed when the proof is opened.

Note: Once a proof is sent out, proof owners and team administrators can adjust the checklist settings in the manage pane for the proof.

See how to complete a checklist on a proof.

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