PageProof requires a browser extension to be added for HTML, website and 3D proofing. The extension creates a screenshot of the HTML content you see on screen inside PageProof.

Because the extension is taking a screenshot of the HTML content that is embedded inside the PageProof application, the extension requires a wide scope from the browser to take this screenshot. 

When you install the PageProof extension, you get presented with the following message seeking your approval:

The message refers to the scope which the PageProof extension has inside the browser once installed. The PageProof extension needs to have access to and any website which is running inside the PageProof proofing environment. PageProof lets you proof any website content you like, so the extension needs to be able to read any website on the internet.

The PageProof extension will only access websites inside the PageProof proofing screen to take a screenshot for the use of proofing.

To learn more on browser requirements and extensions for PageProof, read more here.

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