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Adding the PageProof extension to Firefox
Adding the PageProof extension to Firefox

The PageProof extension is used for website proofing. If you are unable to install the PageProof extension to Firefox, here’s what to do.

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If you are using Firefox as your browser and cannot install the PageProof extension, these steps will give you a temporary extension to get your html proofing done.

To add the PageProof extension to Firefox

  • Download the PageProof extension for Firefox by clicking here.

  • Go to your Firefox Tools menu and choose Add-ons.

  • From the cog menu, choose "Debug Add-ons"

Manage Firefox extensions and debug add-ons
  • Click "Load Temporary Add-on..."

Load temporary add-on to Firefox extensions
  • Choose the file from your Downloads folder

  • Go to your PageProof proofing screen and refresh.

Note: If you quit Firefox, this temporary add-on will be removed and you’ll need to install it again.

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