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Out of office detection
Out of office detection

PageProof will let you know if reviewers you have invited to a proof are detected to be out of the office and unavailable.

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Out of office detection

The out-of-office detection feature is extremely useful for proof owners so they can immediately know if the reviewers they have invited to review a proof are unavailable.

If you have received an out-of-office detected email, here are some useful tips:

  • You can add additional reviewers, or remove reviewers in the proof’s workflow by opening the info pane.

  • Each reviewer who has been detected as out of the office will display an orange dot on their avatar – hover over the dot to see what their status is.

Avatar with an orange dot to indicate they have a status set
  • As soon as a reviewer views a proof, or logs in, the out-of-office detected status will be removed. Alternatively, the reviewer can click the email icon next to their avatar and select clear status.

The email icon indicates an out of office message has been detected

If you are still receiving out of office notifications after a reviewer has returned and they are opening proofs, ask them to make sure their out of office message is turned off in their email application.

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