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Adding a reviewer to a proof
Adding a reviewer to a proof

Does anyone else need to review the proof? If so, add their email address into the proof’s workflow to invite them.

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If you are the proof owner (or have been given the inviter permission by the proof owner) you can add others into the proof’s workflow.

A green inviter icon next to your name in the workflow means you have the inviter role enabled. 

Inviter role icon

To add a reviewer to the workflow

Step 1

Open the proof’s info pane by clicking the i icon on the proof tile, or when viewing the proof.

Step 2

Scroll to the workflow. You can add a reviewer:

  • Into a past step (standard reviewers only)

  • Into the current workflow step (any permission)

  • Into a future workflow step (any permission)

Enter the reviewer’s email address into the Anyone else? field – press the tab or enter key, or click away from the field to add the reviewer.

Marketing step of the workflow showing a reviewer with the inviter role permission

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