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Adding a reviewer to a proof
Adding a reviewer to a proof

Does anyone else need to review the proof? If so, add their email address into the proof’s workflow to invite them.

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If you are the proof owner (or have been given the inviter permission by the proof owner) you can add others into the proof’s workflow.

A green inviter icon next to your name in the workflow means you have the inviter role enabled. 

Inviter role icon

To add a reviewer to the workflow

Step 1

Open the proof’s info pane by clicking the i icon on the proof tile, or when viewing the proof.

Step 2

Scroll to the workflow. You can add a reviewer:

  • Into a past step (reviewer permission only)

  • Into the current workflow step (any permission)

  • Into a future workflow step (any permission)

Enter the reviewer’s email address into the And who else? field – press the tab or enter key, or click away from the field to add the reviewer.

Workflow step showing a reviewer with the inviter permission turned on


To replace a reviewer, simply type over their email address with the new reviewer’s email address.


If the share link has been turned on for the proof, you can share the URL of the proof, or click the share icon on the proofing screen to invite another user to review the proof.

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